Monday, November 26, 2007

Safety in public schools

I agree with my classmate, safety in public schools is a joke. I have fell victim to situations where my safety could have been compromised. In junior high school a classmate showed me a gun in the restroom. The officers at public schools are very relaxed and not very qualified to handle serious situations, they are what we call “flashlight cops.” I also agree with my classmate on the aspect of parents being very influential in their children’s lives. If parents step up to the plate and become proactive in their children’s lives, it would help decrease the rate of violence in public schools. Kids that come from disciplined homes are less likely to act out in a social setting. Furthermore, if parents show love and attention to every child in that household, we as a society would stop the violence at its root. My classmate made another valid point about promoting parenting classes for everyone, because there is always room for improvement. If we can stop the neglected youth from looking for love and a sense of belonging in the wrong places, maybe we can stop blaming entertainers and movies for our corrupted youth. I disagree with my classmate about the metal detectors being a bit extreme. Television is raising our children today, and they learning form what they see everyday; therefore, the violence that they see on television will make them be more prone to violence. I also believe that in some schools that every child should be patted down and checked for knives and other weapons. My classmate said he was reminded of a joke about being stabbed instead of shot, but it is not at all funny when you are stabbed and bleeding, and there is no one to help you.

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