Friday, October 19, 2007

Activist presses lawmakers on fiscal discipline

Sullivan, the president of a group called Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, sets up a loyal Republican during a speech in Canton. He spoke of the Republican reign in Texas and a loyal Republican praised his acknowledgement, but Sullivan’s comments were insight of their pitfalls. Sullivan preached that since the Republicans have been the majority in the House and Senate of Texas that they have misused funds and did nothing in terms of property tax cuts. Sullivan isn’t mudslinging Republicans, he offers his support to any party that is in line with his beliefs. Perry promised a $2000 tax cut to homeowners over a three year period that is yet to be seen. Sullivan goes after issues that have been poorly addresses by lawmakers and for which they were given praise for such as CHIP eligibility, a bill against expanding pre-kindergarten programs, and discounting tuition for students who graduate in the top 10 percent of their high school class. Sullivan makes valid observations, but he doesn’t provide adequate accounts of numbers. He looks at the cup half empty. Regardless of party affiliation, lawmakers are going to agree on bills that we don’t necessarily agree with. Instead of doing anything about it we accept defeat in this world we call a democracy, where the many is represented by a few. Sullivan’s ambitions are a step in the right direction of addressing policy that we don’t agree on. The next thing that we need to do is get more people involve. Sullivan and his group’s initiatives definitely have my praises.!-532306383&UrAuth=aNaNUObN]UbTTUWUXUVUZTYU_UWU]UWUZUcU]UcTYWYWZV&urcm=y

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